Under 16 Boys win all matches in 3 National Competitions


Congratulations to the Ashcombe Under 16 boys team who played in 3 National Tier 2 competitions organised by Volleyball England, on 22nd January, 26th February and 26th March. They won all 9 matches in these competitions, coming top in the Tier 2 competition, beating Reading Aces, Maidstone, Newbury , Farnborough, Worthing Dragons, MPA and Richmond 2. The team is captained by Liam Opina who also plays in the Ashcombe Under 18 squad. Other squad members: Ashraf Luzon, Harry Lincoln, James Pieters, Patryk Iwan, Jude Sayer, Bende Soti, AJ Taghi-Zada, Lucas Rogers, Chris Son, Tyler Sourmarie, Archie Gleeson and Sam Fildes. Coach: Gianni Sutton

Pictured – Patryk Iwan attacks for Ashcombe Dorking