Six victories for AD2 in NVL 3


Victories over Ipswich 3-1 and Maidstone 3-0 on 3rd February were followed by a 3-0 win over Richmond and 3-1 win over Portsmouth on 16th February. 2 more victories over South Hants, 3-2, and Sussex Dolphins 2, 3-0 on 24th February. The closest game was the 3-2 match against South Hants where the final set went to 23-21 before the game was concluded. Abbey Head [12] was named Player of the match against Sussex Dolphins 2 in her first NVL game. Coach Angelino de Souza-Nita was pleased with the results as so many players were away for half term and also a long list of injuries to players meant a small squad.