Ashcombe Volleyball Club believe children have the right to enjoy volleyball in a safe environment and that their parents feel safe in the knowledge that their child is safe whilst participating within the sport.

For this reason Ashcombe Volleyball Club follows the Volleyball England child protection policy and believes the children taking part should be able to have fun, achieve, feel safe and be respected. The policy protects any child within the club regardless of gender, age, ability, disability, ethnic origin and religious belief.

This is achieved by following four key principles of child protection:

1. By respecting the rights of every individual taking part within the volleyball sessions.

2. By developing relationships with participants based on respect, trust, honesty and openness.

3. The responsibility of demonstrating proper personal behaviour and conduct at all times with respect to personal standards.

4. Demonstrating a high level of professional standards to allow an increase in the benefits and decrease in risks to the participant by ensuring safe and correct practice. High levels of competence, which is gained by qualifications and ongoing training, attain this.

The coaches working within the Ashcombe Volleyball Club are accredited volleyball coaches to at least level 1and have certification from the Criminal Record Bureau. Several of the coaches within the club including Luke Thomas, Freda Bussey, Julie Garrard and Mickey Earle have also attended the Sports Coach UK Child Protection course.

With all these measures in place we feel that the Ashcombe Volleyball Club is a safe yet fun environment where children of all ages and abilities can come and enjoy volleyball.