Match Report – Ashcombe Dorking 1 Vs. Ashcombe Dorking 3


Surrey Volleyball League – Ladies Division 2
Ashcombe Dorking 1 vs Ashcombe Dorking 3
Tuesday 14th January.

Ashcombe’s top young players who make up Ashcombe Dorking 1, were sadly without three of their finest players for this fixture and were thus at a distinct disadvantage when playing against their own club’s Super 8 squad players who make up Ashcombe Dorking 3 for the Surrey League competition.

Against such formidable opposition, the youngsters performed admirably with Ailsa McDonald the pick of their players in the first set with fast, low and accurate serves. Try as they might however, the gap in age and experience was exploited by the Super 8 players and, in particular, by Agnes Abraham, whose serving and all round performance helped them to take the set 25 – 8.

Into set 2 and the Super 8 combination of Daisy Mumby and Nicky Schmidt set solid foundations for their side to dominate the youngsters who, under Rachel Higgins’ strong and determined leadership, fought hard but were unable to breach the Super 8 defences, as the set closed at 25 – 8.

The third set was once again to fall to Ashcombe 3 as Ashcombe 1 couldn’t match the strong hitting from Abraham and Mumby in particuar who benefitted from Karen Rossi’s strong setting. However Ashcombe Dorking 1 didn’t go down easily and showed their tenacity with the strong net play of Katy Begley, Ailsa McDonald providing accurate and consistent sets and Captain Higgins flinging herself all over the court to try and keep every ball alive.

Super8 Team Manager Robin Martin Said ‘Full credit must be given to the elite young players who, despite being two sets down and without their full squad, performed with such spirit and tenacity. It was a magnificent effort to reach 13 points in the third set’ As the match ended, the Ashcombe Dorking 3 players were generous in their praise of their young, aspiring colleagues.