Doubles and Triples May 2015

Ashcombe Doubles and Triples 2016 –  Played indoor on 4 courts

At Ashcombe Volleyball Centre RH4 1LY.    On line applications open  March 2016

Saturday 30th April and Sunday 1st May 2016


Ashcombe Doubles and Triples 2015 – Played indoor on 4 courts

At Ashcombe Volleyball Centre RH4 1LY


Doubles Saturday 2nd May

Womens competition

Main Draw


1st – DCUK

2nd – Machado and Young

3rd – Yuri and Jo Jo

4th Hannah and Zuz



1st – Firme and Mezaros

2nd – Hit and Run

3rd – Pat and Natalia

4th – Elaine and Eleni

Mens Competition

Main Draw 


1st – Malvinas United

2nd – Yannis and Roberts

3rd –  OMG

4th – Hillbillies



1st – Baldwins

2nd – Two’s Company

3rd – Criples

4th – Team Sloth

Triples Sunday 3rd May 2015

Main Draw

1st – MDP

2nd – MMB

3rd – Tomatoes

4th Incredibles


1st – Triple Threat

2nd – LOL

3rd – Li Hu

4th – Cohorts


1st – SJP

2nd – BFG

3rd – Flaming 3

4th – Imo Beach

Men and Womens Doubles Mixed Triples

Saturday 2nd May 2015 Sunday 3rd May 2015

Warm up for the Beach season – indoors

An indoor tournament with beach rules on five 8 x 16 metre courts. Doubles and

Triples entries are put into pools with each team playing one another once. Teams

will then be sorted into lower, middle and higher pools for the second part of the

day with play offs and Finals to follow. Teams are guaranteed at least 6 games.

What standard is it suitable for?

The tournament caters for every standard of volleyball player. Once the divisions

divide after the first round you will be playing teams of a similar ability. Men and

Women’s doubles competition on Saturday and Mixed Triples on Sunday. Triples

teams must have at least one woman player. Prizes for winners at every level of

competition, Main draw, Shield and Plate.

Where is it?

Ashcombe Volleyball Centre, Dorking RH4 1LY. Easy access from London, M25, M3

and M23

How do I enter?

Enter online here..

Downloadable Entry Form – completed entries to Freda Bussey, 83, Hillside Avenue, Worthing, West Sussex. BN14 9QT or  contact [email protected] to ask how to pay by Bank transfer. Entry fees are non-refundable.