Ashcombe Volleyball Club is governed by its constitution as set our below.

Constitution of Ashcombe Volleyball Club

1. The name of the club will be Ashcombe Volleyball Club.

2. The aims of the club are to play and promote the game of volleyball in and around Surrey, Sussex and the South East of England and participate in such competitions as will assist this aim. Ashcombe Volleyball Club is a non-profit making club

3. All matches will be played under the laws of the English Volleyball Association.

4. The officers of the club shall be a committee consisting of Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer, Team Captains, Club Coaches, and Fixture Secretaries, who are elected at the Annual General Meeting by the majority of the paid up membership.

5. The committee shall meet at least once a month and all elected members will be entitled to vote. In the event of a tied vote the Chairman will have a second casting vote. A quorum shall be 5.

6. The committee shall have the power to make rules in accordance with the constitution and to settle any disputed points not otherwise covered in these rules.

7. The Treasurer shall keep the accounts which shall be produced at the Annual General Meeting at the request of any club member. The main funds of the club are to be held in a Bank or Building Society account. In the case of the annual statement this should be audited by some responsible individual before presentation.

8. At least every 14 months the club will hold an Annual General Meeting open to all paid up members. An agenda is to be sent to all paid up members at least 14 days in advance giving date, time and venue. Motions are to be decided by a simple majority vote with each fully paid up member having one vote. In the case of a change to the constitution at least 50% of the paid up membership is required. The Chairman of the meeting has a second casting vote if required.

9. A resolution to dissolve the club can only be passed at an EGM through the majority vote of the membership. In the event of dissolution any assets of the club that remain will not be distributed or otherwise shared between the members of the club but will be transferred to the Volleyball England Foundation [registered charity number 1138864] for the distribution back into volleyball.

10. The officers of the club shall stand down at the AGM but shall be eligible for re-election.

11. A special general meeting may be called within 21 days of a written requisition signed by 5 members stating the reason for which the meeting is to be called by the Club Secretary. Not less than 14 days notice shall be given to the members of any special general meeting and the purpose of that meeting.

12. Any person shall cease to be a member if they:

A] Have failed to pay their subscriptions.

B] Announce their resignation to the committee.

C] Are expelled by the committee on the grounds that in its opinion their conduct is objectionable or prejudicial to the interests of the club, providing the person concerned shall be given the opportunity of explaining to the committee their conduct and that a majority of the committee shall vote for their expulsion.

Approved at the Extra Ordinary General meeting of Ashcombe Volleyball Club

6th October 2011