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Ashcombe Beach Tournaments 2014

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Registered with Volleyball England. Pairs competition for Men and Women’s teams.

Saturday 9th August 2014 


Mens Competition – Final classification

1. Waldemar Fiks and Fabien Wieteska

2. Diego Beville and Alberto Villar

3. Tomek Kuprowski and Krystzof Przydozny

4. Scott Muir and Andrew Starmer

5. Neil Hutchinson and James Laing

6. Ed Evans and Neil Pavey

7. Luis Ponce and Romain Elsair

8. Sam Reid and Dominic Wisdom

9. Daniel Chapman and Toby Cronshaw

10. James Smith-Daye and Charlie Adams


Womens Competition – Final Classification

1. Cait Donelly and Alessandro Dal Santo

2. Claudia Lambert and Carla Randall

3. Lesa Williams and Maelle Niederquell

4. Alice Alden and Tatiana Roglova

5. Adele Tomasin and Anna Torfa

6. Dagmar Kremen and Stefania Altimare

7. Noopat Willis and Pam Willis

8. Rachel Higgins and Ailsa McDonald

9. Edie Adams and Asia Perkins

10. Freya McDonald and Issy Russell

Sunday 13th July 2014 

Women competition:
1. Alessandro Dal Santo and Laura
2. Hannah Carey and Katy Begley
3. Martina Aegerter and Elise Dupuy
4. Veronika Ruppenstein and Loome Zellmer – CATS
5. Monika Gmuka and Agnes Abraham
6. Zuzana Reseterova and Rita Silva
7. Maddy Nutt and Asia Perkins
8. Rachel Higgins and Ailsa McDonald
9. Sian Warren and Megan Warren – Twigs That Dig
10. Freya McDonald and Illona McDonald
Mens competition:
1. Marlon Bouman and Neil Hutchinson
2. Lloyd Hooper and Laing
3. Richard Baldwin and Jack Baldwin – That’s My Boy
4. Luis Ponce and Laurent Sevett
5. Jerick Rodriguez and Christopher Dehner – Brighton Panthers
6. Scott Muir and – OST Energy
7. Robin Hunt and – In It To Win It
8. Luke Thomas and Ben Taylor
9. Alan Chaplin and [Mole Valley]

Saturday 21st June 2014 

Womens competition:
1st Cait Donnelly and Maria Colcicco
2nd Allessandro del Santo and Veronika Millington
3rd Zuzanna Reseterova and Paulina Wozna [Ashcombe]
4th Agnes Abraham and Monika Gmuka [Ashcombe]
5th Caterina Machiado and Emma Hebes
6th Subreena Chhatral and Leah Perkis
7th Katy Begley and Anna de Pascalis [Ashcombe]
8th Freya McDonald and Edie Adams [Ashcombe]
9th Rachel Higgins and Ailsa McDonald [Ashcombe]
10th Asia Perkins and Maddie Nutt [Ashcombe]
Mens competition
1st Fabien Wieteska and Waldek Fiks
2nd Alberto Villar and Wojciech Kredrzynski
3rd Jacub Polomka and Matteusz Skapski
4th Jacek Kuprowski and Krysztof Przydrozny
5th Peter Holland-Fisher and Marcus Flicke
6th Dominic Wisdom and Damian Roberts
7th James Scott and Luis Ponce
8th Richy Baldwin and Jack Baldwin
9th Rachid Nori and Kengo Yamanuchi
10th Mark Ellis and Thomas Truska

Sunday 13th July 2014

Only 1 place left in the Women’s competition. 5 places in the Men’s competition.

Saturday 9th August 2014

Worthing Sand Courts BN11 2EJ   Apply on line now

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Ashcombe Beach Tournaments 2013

Saturday 8th June 

Mens Winners – Scum and the Pup

Mens Runners Up – Cuts

Mens Plate Winners – Sandy Balls 2

Mens Plate Runners Up – Domino


Saturday 20th July 

Mens Winners –  Los Aztecas

Mens Runners up – Frost

Mens Plate Winners – James and John

Mens Plate Runners Up – Adur


Sunday 10th August

Womens Winners – Carol and Kim

Womens Runners Up – Christina and Cait

Womens Plate Winners – Sophie and Monika

Womens Plate Runners Up – Bubbles

Mens Winners –  Peter and Wojek

Mens Runners up – OST Energy

Mens Plate Winners – Damian and Jimmy

Mens Plate Runners Up – Butchers