Ashcombe break losing streak after comfortable victory against Sussex Dolphins


Last weekend, Ashcombe sought to redeem themselves after a disastrous string of losses.
Despite their good intentions, they start the match off poorly with a number of personal errors.
However, great defensive play by libero Nuphat Willis allows Ashcombe to recover and regroup.
Once the serve picks up again, Ashcombe can also make better use of their attack strength.
AD1 regain control of the set in the nick of time for a 21-25 first set victory.
During the second set, Ashcombe allow Dolphins to once again take the lead with their tricky
serves. Due to the team’s poor passing, setter Karen Rossi can’t reach her hitters, which makes
life easy for Sussex’ defense. The Dolphins unleash the full power of their middle hitter, Zuzana
Petrickova and with a limited number of players on the bench, coach Biddiscombe can do little
to turn the tide. Ashcombe lose the second set 25-19.
During the third set Ashcombe start strongly, owing to their usual serving barrage. The team
have also got a better handle on Sussex’ services and vary their attacks more. Aside from a
minor dip in the middle of the set, courtesy of a serve streak by Dolphins’ Dana Gibson,
Ashcombe are never in any real danger. The team seizes a 15-25 set victory.
During the last set, Ashcombe truly hit their stride and continue to put pressure on the home
team. Dolphins are at a loss defensively, with their pass failing and Petrickova all but put out of
play. AD1 make very few mistakes and finish the game with a 14-25 set win.
Ashcombe have only three games left to play this season, with a good chance of finishing in the
top three. On Saturday the 6th of April, they first play New Forest Ladies in Southampton,
followed by a home game against Oxford at 12 pm the day after.