AD1 up to 3rd Place in NVL Div 2


A 3-2 victory over Sussex Dolphins means that AD1 rise to 3rd place in NVL Division 2 South. Determined to beat Dolphins after losing narrowly to them in November the Surrey team have been training hard to add several types of fast attacks to their repertoire. This change of speed by Chee Cubillos, Mariana Santos and Steffi Taborde-Site allowed Ashcombe to win decisive points, especially in the fifth set when both teams were tiring.  Meena Adi was named as MVP as she showed her versatility playing through both 3 and 4 attack zones. Iris Gernler and Noopat Willis were fierce in their defence, swinging from positions 1 to 5 to pick up everything Sussex tried to throw at them.